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How To Use Your Core To Get Stroke Power

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It is common for dragon boaters to rotate through the mid back and shoulders while the glutes remain inactive and planted firmly on the seat with the hips facing forward. I have seen how this improper form can cause strain to the low back area and eventually cause paddling injuries such as piriformis syndrome and SI joint issues.

Rotation should involve the whole torso. The core includes the full length of the torso from the chest and upper back to the hips and even the hip flexors. This drill wakes up the whole core and takes the arms out of the paddling equation. This drill works to get the core functioning as a unit and transition this strength to your dragon boat stroke.

Click the photo to watch the video!


In this video we I will give you the visual guide to:

  • Use the arms to initiate rotation
  • Feel the whole body get involved in the stroke
  • Understand the full extent of how our core is used to paddle


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