How to Let Go Without Losing Yourself

At times letting go can seem like we are losing a piece of ourselves and we resist because we don’t know who we will be or how we will be without it.

Sometimes the situation we are letting go of has brought an intense emotion that has spurred us forward and given us energy. To let go of the situation can feel dull and like life is boring without this intensity. This can be the reason we hang on to a negative situation.


What we may not recognize is that the other side of the intense emotion has also moved us into a new place of being where we may have intended but now find uncomfortable.


To let go takes a deep compassion and gentleness as we may move into forgiveness, acceptance or simple resignation. There will be a release of that which was and maybe for a time there may only be the feeling of empty space. This void is where new things come in.

Living in the void can be uncomfortable and requires trust when uncertainty creeps in. Being ok in uncertainty is a key principle to manifestation.

To manifest means we need not know how to let go, just practice being open to something we don’t know exists.


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