don't let a lack of knowledge hold you back!

  • This webinar is for paddlers who want to:

    Get the answers to the top questions asked by dragon boaters starting OC training

  • This webinar is perfect for you if:

    You are a woman who wants OC training to elevate your dragon boat paddling

  • This webinar is for you if:

    Want to know how to paddle an OC with confidence

  • This webinar is specifically for paddlers who:

    Want to learn about how sport specific training can increase stroke power

  • This webinar is for you if you:

    Want to use the OC for cross training but lack the information of how to get started

  • This webinar is specifically for paddlers who:

    Are trying out for IDBF club crew worlds, world nation championships and ICF Dragon Boat Club Crew world championships

webinar outline

In this webinar we speak to coach Anna Mathisen from a dragon boaters perspective to help us paddlers get the answers to the questions we may have about training in an OC1.

We will tackle the obstacles that may have stopped us from doing an OC1 time trial required to try out for club crews or national teams. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to help you move past the blocks that can hold you back, give you a couple concrete takeaways and give you the guidelines to get sport specific training that is focused on the dragon boat paddler who wants to cross train in an OC1.  


  • The equipment used to elevate your training 
  • 2 tips to set yourself up for success in training 
  • The secret to stop a huli or recover in the midst of one
  • Tip to get back on a canoe regardless of upper body strength
  • How leaning on the ama can slow you down and what to do about it

  • One major shift required to adjust your stroke from DB to OC
  • A sport specific training method to increase stroke power
  • The sport specific method to progress the stroke rate
  • The key component to include in your race plan
  • How to prep, engage and dial in the body and mind for racing

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Ace Your OC1 Time Trial For Dragon Boat Try Outs