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Cheryl offers one on one coaching in the following key areas:

  • Video review and technical training
  • Water progression training programs
  • Competitive mindset training

A one hour session fee is $180. 

Packages of month training progressions range from $750 – $1500 depending on the paddlers requirements. These packages may include technical video drills and weekly training sessions targeted to peak for racing or competing. 

Coaching packages are focused on training heart rate zones specific to distances and implement stroke rate training for distance and outcome goals in a progressive format. 

These packages may include a one hour monthly video review combined with personal coaching. 

If applicable, paddlers get access to the Competitive Mindset Training course to prepare athletes for race day. 

And, if applicable, paddlers receive a water training OC1 program either for time trials or cross training.

Contact Cheryl for a free 30 minute consultation to choose your personal training package!

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