The goal of these OC1 clinics is to provide the information, drills and skills for dragonboat paddlers who use the OC1 to cross train. Clinics are focused on the following components that pertain to the fact that dragonboaters are flat water paddlers and paddling dragonboat is their primary sport. You will learn how to use the outrigger canoe to improve your dragonboat stroke, align your body and blade for better connection to the water when on an OC and get some solid training sessions that will compliment your dragonboat training. This clinic is specifically and completely focused on those dragonboat paddlers who paddle on the OC1 for the following reasons:


    Dragonboat paddlers are flat water paddlers so learning blade, body and stroke mechanics are the fundamentals required of flat water paddling.


    Majority of the time is spent dragonboat paddling in medium to high intensity. Cross training on the OC1 allows us to build zones 1 and 2 of endurance paddling providing a solid base to build the more intense energy systems!


    Dragonboat paddlers who tryout for club crew and national teams recognize the OC as an individual component of team selection when training to do a time trial. It is the paddlers responsibility to train for and build an OC race strategy.

Attendees receive  the following tools to prepare for and track their progress during the clinic. Paddlers also get lifetime access to the recorded drill series so they can continue to evolve their paddling skills long after the clinic when using the outrigger canoe for cross training 

Video Lessons

Access to video drills specific to blade, body and stroke mechanics to implement into OC1 sessions

Paddling Journal

Paddler tool to track mindset, weather conditions, hydration and nourishment

Dry Land Exercises

Exercises paddlers can use to strengthen the movement patterns developed during the clinic

Training Program

Specific training sessions that compliments dragonboat practices and implement the OC drills


The patterns of firing that happen with proper body alignment, or body mechanics, is where the focus will be. Also focused on will be the blade mechanics, or what paddlers aim to do with their paddle when it goes into the water. These mechanics are the relationship of the paddler to the water that are applicable to any dragonboat or OC stroke.

Paddlers get the knowledge to begin to transfer their body weight to the water in aligned and effective positions so they can develop more power in their stroke.

Camps consist of 2 hours of water time and approximately 2.5 hrs in length. 

Camps are held at your location. 

Here is a glimpse of the drills that accompany this clinic:

Hand Position On paddle

This video explains the common mistakes when holding a dragon boat paddle and provides corrections that will help paddlers get more power in their stroke.

Setting up the power position

Power in the dragon boat stroke is initiated from having proper alignment in the body, the hands and the blade and then making this solid connection in the water.

lower body rotation

In this video you will learn how to rotate by using the lower body to initiate the movement. This drill helps wake up the glutes and both hips in an exaggerated way so we can feel rotation in the body.

Learn how to paddle with the core

This lesson focuses on torso paddling to alleviate the common mistake dragon boaters make by rotating through the mid back and shoulders causing strain to the low back.

R.E.D. the set up to find a dynamic catch

Rotate. Extend. Drop. This video dissects the phase prior to the catch and explains why it is important to separate these components to deliver maximum power.

The drop to catch

This drill has one intention, for paddlers to land on their blade to get a solid catch.

The Pull Phase

This drill takes paddlers through feeling the connection on the paddle to apply force in the pull phase of the stroke.

Where To Exit

Learn where the blade becomes negative in the water and how to exit to set you up to move into the catch.

Timing your pieces

This lesson gives paddlers some tips to implement in their water sessions that train us for the stroke rate on the dragon boat.

Training tips

This lesson gives paddlers some training tips to create water sessions that train us for the dragon boat distances.

Just had to say “thanks” again for all your help this past week! I heard your voice in my head last night at practice…. I have learned so much and hope to incorporate it in my padding both on the Dragonboat and OC.

I thoroughly enjoyed the camp and had so many takeaway’s. Improvement in stroke efficiency and connection with the water never mind confidence to paddle right in the OC. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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