paddler performance 




Specifically For Paddlers Who

Require a fitness program to be prepared for spring camp, team tryouts or the following water season

This Program Is For You If

You like weight training and want a progressive sport specific program for the off season

This Is Best Suited For

Paddlers who want to build on and maintain their paddling fitness gained over the summer

Training With Skill Development

Implement key areas of strength development specifically for women who paddle

Be Ready

Align the body during training to avoid injury and allow the program to progress your fitness

Paddling Goals

Sport specific training geared towards building the strength and stamina to increase stroke power

Movement patterns and rotation exercises specifically for paddlers!

Your Instructors

These instructors have put together a progression plan that delivers safe and effective training to get you results! This progressive training has one purpose, develop stroke power. 

This program is designed to prepare the body come paddling season. This translates to developing a strong core and creating patterns of movement and strength for healthy and functional paddling.

Cheryl Roose

Competitive Dragon Boat Coach

Sport specific training created for the dragon boat paddlers off season

Karen Chouinard

Healthy Spine Coach

Implement tools to release patterns held within so you can heal, recover and create fluid agile movement

Training consists of 7 months of fitness and over 80 workouts

The intention of this program is to develop muscle strength, cardio endurance, core connection, and functional fluid movement all in a progressive and safe platform that gets paddlers to the peak of their fitness for testing or for their upcoming season. Each instructor has designed their disciplines to prepare the body for the paddling season. This specifically means building a strong and functioning core and creating patterns of alignment, movement, and agility that is healthy and functional. Our team of instructors are working together to implement a progression plan that delivers a safe and effective form of training to get you from couch to the podium.

Please Note: exercises and classes are pre recorded so you can train at your convenience

The course provides flexibility in workout sequencing and as such allows you work to your maximum potential. You will find:

  • Workouts range from 30 to 60 minutes
  • Recorded workouts to choose your schedule
  • Minimal equipment required
  • Train in the comfort of your home 
  • New workouts weekly
  • Access to the entire program for a full year
  • Choose 3 or 6 workouts weekly
  • *BONUS* Mindset, motivation and race prep tips!

Here is a list of equipment required for this training program:

Physio tips and exercises to keep you agile and functioning