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dry land Training program specifically geared to prepare athletes for camp, team tryouts or to reach their full potential

Leave Nothing To Chance

6 key areas athletes develop to get the competitive edge

Be Ready

Mental and physical preparedness to perform next season

The Goal Of Top Athletes

Build stroke power to be stronger and faster

Physio tips and exercises to keep you mobile and functioning

Your Instructors

Our team of instructors have put together a progression plan that delivers safe and effective training to get you results! This progressive training has one purpose, develop the stroke power of top athletes. The focus of this sport specific training  is to get you as strong as possible to deliver a dynamic result.

Each instructor has designed their disciplines to prepare the body for paddling come paddling season. This translates to developing a strong core and creating patterns of movement, strength and agility that is healthy and functional.



Once enrolled in this program you will get a list of equipment to use in your home or at the gym to prepare to begin.

Cheryl Roose

Energetic Mindset Training

Performance effectiveness by creating habits, behaviors and patterns of thinking to excel in sport

Karen Chouinard

Healthy Spine Coach

Implement tools to release patterns held within so you can heal, recover and create agile movement

Michelle Gaulin

Strength Trainer

Build a strong foundation of all muscle groups to be dynamic and powerful in the dragon boat stroke

Ali Hills

Sport Nutrition

Fuel your body to perform over the next 7 months so you can sustain the training of top athletes

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Janine McNerney

Pilates Instructor

Create functional firing patterns of movement and alignment while building toned core muscles

Mandy McPherson

Yoga Instructor

Create movement and flow by releasing tension in the body and mind while increasing flexibility

New classes weekly with over 190 classes to choose from!

Top Performance

Paddlers Dry Land Training Fitness Program
$ 250
  • Interval-Circuit Classes
  • Pilates Classes
  • Cardio Workouts
  • Holistic Physio
  • Yoga (Yin, Nidra, Restorative)

Increase Performance

Paddlers Dedicated To Increasing Performance
$ 320
  • Interval-Circuit Classes
  • Pilates Classes
  • Cardio Training
  • Holistic Physio
  • Yoga (Yin, Nidra, Restorative)
  • Athletes Mindset Course
In Demand

Peak Performance

Paddlers Committed To Reach Their Potential
$ 390
  • Interval-Circuit Classes
  • Pilates Classes
  • Cardio Training
  • Holistic Physio
  • Yoga (Yin, Nidra, Restorative)
  • Home/Gym Weight Workouts
  • Athletes Mindset Course
  • Sport Nutrition Course

All the training you need from a team of experts all in one place!