Physical Therapy Tips For Optimal Performance

Karen is often visited in times when an athlete has experienced injury. In this tip sheet Karen shares how inner reflections of our physical well being can avoid the setbacks of injury. When one thinks of physical therapy, they usually think of it as helping them recover from an injury, but truly great physical therapy prevents injury in the first place!  Taking the time to have your posture and movement patterns assessed and your current strengths and areas for growth identified are key factors in having a successful season where you don’t end up sidelined. Holistic Physical Therapy looks at the person as a whole:


  • Is a stiff thoracic spine the root cause of that achy low back after training?
  • Is the stress of the day being chronically held in the upper traps setting the athlete up for a shoulder tendinitis?
  • Are tight hip flexors not only limiting the athlete’s ability to perform physically, but a sign of limiting beliefs holding them back from reaching their true potential?


As an athlete with big goals living in a fast-paced world it can seem counter-intuitive to slow down and complete a mindful holistic exercise or take the time to practice a fundamental core physical therapy exercise, but it is truly a mistake not to.  Professional athletes know that this is where the gold is!  Injury prevention and optimal performance are where their focus lies, and Holistic Physical Therapy is a key component in helping them achieve this.  What are your goals?  Where does your focus lie?


Karen Chouinard, Healthy Spine Coach

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