Build Team Cultures Of Healthy Competition



This course is specifically for Coaches, Team managers or Team leaders, Board members and anyone starting  or restructuring an existing team. This training provides a basic structure of 3 levels of teams and the criteria specific to each level. This program gives teams and clubs the structure to build competitive paddler programs. Training progressions and race strategies give coaches the tools to prepare paddlers for high levels of competing. This program provides ready made templates for easy customization and video learning offering comprehensive instruction for self paced learning.


Take a look at what this course offers:

MODULE 1: Team Setup

  • Group exercise to create a team mandate that provides direction and attracts paddlers that align to this vision
  • Group exercise to develop guiding principles for your team that leads paddlers to the team goals and creates the “vibe and culture” of that group
  • Get a Template of a season plan for individual teams that provides a sample mandate and guiding principles and outline of the processes and programs required for paddler participation
  • Get a Template of a Level 1, 2 and 3, 10 week water season progression training that includes technical drills

(Click here to learn more about the water training progressions)


MODULE 2: Team Building

  • Group exercises to unite teams where there may be division
  • Team building exercise to create bonding
  • Group exercise to develop goals for the season that aligns with the mandate and guiding principles​
  • Get a template of a program that provides the descriptions and processes of how paddlers to step into the leadership role of mentor, coach and captain


MODULE 3: Building Cultures Of Healthy Competition

  • Leadership strategies to manage team division and move paddlers into levels of competing that aligns with their goals
  • Learn how to create the paddling programs to support each level of team that provides clear and concise processes for paddler advancement
  • Get a paddler selection process that includes the following components in a ready made template: Selection process, Selection criteria, Calendar of testing, Testing requirements, Tiers of selection, Groupings of paddlers and what it means, Publicizing results, Selection letters with individual paddler goals


MODULE 4:Energy Training For High Levels Of Competing

  • Exercise to increase paddler focus
  • Learn the energy capacities used in paddling and how to implement them into your coaching to increase team performance
  • Get visualization tools to help paddlers reach their goals
  • Discover the 4 Elements required for success and goal attainment


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