Online Program; Increase Performance




In this program you will be provided with the mindset and fitness components required to be prepared for your next water season.

The mindset training online learning platform is laid out in modules that you can access any time. There are PDF downloads of the books that contain the material in the video lessons.

Majority of the workouts range from 30-45 minutes maximum. The goal is to train consistently and in keeping in this time frame it should be easy to incorporate a 6 day training week.

The workout length and formats are intended to build good training habits that will stick with you long term. The main goal of this program is to build the progression to be at your peak fitness for your paddling season. The concept behind the progressive outline is to get maximum results by doing quality, sport specific work while preventing injury as we increase strength.

There is a list of equipment you will need to do this course from home under “Materials”. You can also do the training sessions provided in a gym.




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