Sport Specific Exercises For Dragon Boat Paddlers



This consists of “movement patterns” designed specifically to help paddlers build the kinesthetic chains required for the dragon boat stroke as well as the OC and SUP stroke!

These are a great “add in” to a regular training program. Here are a few ways to incorporate:

  • By doing a few reps of each movement prior to erg training can help create proper form
  • Do the lower body ones on weight training day for added strength building
  • Do the rotation movements before core training
  • Incorporate the upper body movements on a cardio day to add some conditioning to the workout

Enjoy the BONUS!

You will find my 5 favourite dragon boat movement patterns that I call “cheats”. Because our bodies may not be strengthened or lengthened in the patterning of our stroke we make adjustments that simulate what we aim to do.

These movements and exercises will bring awareness. Once we can identify what we are “cheating” at we can then use the above exercises to strengthen the kinetic chains to improve our body alignment in our stroke



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