The Paddlers System Of Success

It is called a system as it follows a process of implementing energetic tools in a specific order to build the momentum that leads to goal attainment. This process incorporates a form of manifesting  derived from Quantum Physics. In this workbook you will get exercises to incorporate visual programming and conscious creation methods. Both are powerful mindset training tools athletes use to train and progress at their peak. You will also get the mental toughness strategies athletes use when competing. This workbook contains 6 lessons to ensure your vision of being a top athlete is your reality!

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In this book you will:

  • Get a step by step exercise to create a vision of success
  • Discover how to set goals that get achieved!
  • Get goal worksheets and focus exercises
  • Learn to balance and increase energy levels for training
  • Discover how athletes manage their energy not their time
  • Use visual programming to increase focus and intention
  • Learn how to intensify focus with conscious creation methods

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