Webinar; Managing Division In Teams



In this webinar you will learn why teams can experience division and get strategies to shift it. You will discover how to create levels of paddling within an existing team that provides a foundation for healthy competition.

  • How to lay out the concept of being competitive in regards to “winning”
  • Clearly define what an ATHLETE is based on training and aspirations
  • Learn how to channel the paddler mindsets that can cause culture tension
  • Get a sample of the criteria that defines paddlers from festival to athletes
  • Learn strategies to build cultures that supports healthy team competition
  • Get the questionnaire which helps identify a paddlers commitment


Date: February 8th, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM, MST

I will save 30 minutes for some questions at the end of this presentation. For this reason I will limit space to 20 participants to ensure I can hear from you! Recordings are available if you cannot attend live!


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