The Art Of Resilience

I am a pessimist innately and conditioned. I come from a long line of pessimists and I learned how to be one as a way to earn likeability within my clan. I love a good pity party and wallowing is second nature. I also feel things very deeply and over analyze. I will even indulge in it … for a while. I used to let my indulgence in these behaviors justify that a good session of analysis was healing and a great channel to my inner wisdom. I have discovered that healing also happens when this attained wisdom is applied.

Although I still firmly believe it beneficial to explore the underworld of our being I also know that to live there can create an intense vibration of lower energy that attracts like energy. So for the amount of time I do inhabit in the underworld I strive to bring the insights gleamed into my mundane world.

For me, this is my resilience. It is the way I honor who and what I am while nudging me out of my introverted tendencies and into extroverted action. I have tried to deny my quote “deep side” to end up feeling phony, but to give myself permission to accept this part of myself is a great release. A night of being alone and journaling can give me the space to let go and find healing and once accomplished I feel renewed and can think constructively. The key for me is in balancing the two spectrums.

To learn resilience we need to discover what energizes and what drains us and as we do we can find balance.

For example; while some of us feel energized in the presence of others, some find this draining. And while being alone to some is draining to others it is a source of energy. To know what things we can do to reset is key in fostering resilience. To balance our energies is the art of resilience.



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