Rest Week Advice

If you are an athlete who is currently partaking in a dry land training program I would like to challenge you to create a rest week goal!

Practice extreme self care for 1 week. As we progress in training its important we prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually (my term for inside work) for the increased physical demands we are placing on the body. When we create “EASE” in our minds our bodies respond in a positive healthy way. Here are a few disciplines us athletes can use to create a rest week

  1. Do Yoga Nidra a minimum of twice in 1 week. If you usually fall asleep, really bring your attention to remaining awake and moving your consciousness by following the instructors voice.
  2. Choose a Physio exercise, or 2, or 3 that you feel you need and do it daily for 7 days. Choose an affirmation or mantra of choice to really bringing your focus on the movement within that energy center of the body you are working. Say it as many ways as you can with a different tone, bring a melody to it or an image in your mind that represents the feelings elicited from saying it. (This is a form of raising energy.)
  3. Do a Yin yoga practice of choice. Bring your mantra from your Physio into your Yin practice. We can use this mindset programming method within the meditative practice of yin. Use your mantra and breath to keep you present to what’s happening in your body.


As athletes we tend to think that working out is the only way we improve. But being able to work from within to bring our WHOLE BODY and MIND to our training is what gets the results we are after!

Happy training.

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