Setting Up The Power Position

Drills for Dragon Boat Paddlers who Cross Train on the OC1

Power in the dragon boat stroke comes from having the body in proper alignment. Being in proper alignment keeps a chain of power flowing through the body where improper form can cause this chain to be broken. When we tire our form diminishes and we risk losing connection so it’s important to have cues that lead us back into alignment while paddling.

In this video I will share where to place the shoulders and how to open the pec muscles and chest while holding your dragon boat paddle that sets up the proper body alignment.

Click the photo to watch the video!

In this video we I will give you the visual guide to:

  • Align the body to be in a power position
  • Drop your shoulder blades down your back
  • Open through the chest
  • Use your paddle to help guide you
  • How this helps connect to power in the stroke


I have put together a FREE series of 10 dragon boat drills for us DB paddlers to practice while training on the outrigger. Grab your FREE access here:

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