Feeling Your Way To Success

Where you are in your career today is the sum of what you believe about yourself and your ability to have the career you want. This concept can either make you nod your head in agreement or furrow your brow with frustration.


It is with the discernment and awareness that we can see how the choices we have made has brought us where we are in this moment. What steps have we taken or not taken when we should have? What we may not be aware of is how we got here or how we get out of here.


It was once believed that our feelings determine our thoughts but in the art of manifestation, our feelings are used to ignite our thoughts. The outcome that we desire is created by our thinking about it and then imagining and exploring what it feels like to be living this reality. Thought without feeling is just matter but feelings are the energy that brings thought to life.


When we feel a certain way we act in accordance to that feeling. When we recognize that our thoughts generate our feelings we stand in a position of personal power.

The process of igniting our feelings through thought is a powerful tool of manifestation and when we want to reach our goals and create a reality of fulfillment it becomes essential to feel and think in terms of fulfillment.

This type of pursuit comes from the thought system where we are living our fullest expression of our careers and ourselves. So as you build your salon business make a habit of thinking in terms of the outcome that brings you fulfillment in every aspect and elevate yourself towards it.


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