Step 2 in the Formula for Success; Discipline

Disciplines are the practices that align our energy systems to be used in accordance to reaching our goals.

As seen in Quantum Physics, discipline, pertaining to the formula for success is the matter in which particles are organized and coordinated to move energy and create flow. When the particles are not coordinated they are random, sporadic and ineffective. Flow is required as it carries energy.

In a nutshell if we apply no discipline to the first step in the formula; hard work, we can work long and hard but if it isn’t coordinated in a manner to achieve our goals we have wasted our energy.


Our energy can be used up in work but there is no flow unless our work moves us in the right direction.


The one discipline we often under value and over look is that of the mind. Our minds are the way we organize what work to do, coordinate the specifics and direct our effort.

When understood as a vital component in the process of reaching our goals, disciplines are recognized as the practices that keep us on task. And the discipline of a focused mind governs our practices and thought processes to use our time and energy constructively!

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