Step 3 in the Formula For Success: Persistence

Try, try and try again. That’s the idea of being persistent when we start an endeavor. The caution here is in the energy of your mindset as we continue trying. The word “try” in and of itself is a mere “attempt” not achievement.

The word persistence can be seen as stubborn, pushing too hard and aggressive when it is merely the act of working in a disciplined manner without deterrence.

As we continue to work towards our goals and maybe experience a few setbacks we can lose the energy of belief in the outcome.

Persistence means we remain in the mindset of our intention while continuing to do what’s required.

If we can maintain the focus and drive to pick ourselves up after every event and not assign judgment to it we continue the momentum. But if by chance we start to feel frustrated, angry and maybe at times a bit of self pity, it is a good indicator that its time for a re-set.

The reset is in our mindset, the set state of our mind as we continue the tasks. This resetting of the mind carries with it the energy required to move forward and it speaks directly to the outcome, which we anticipate.

Once we focus our minds our energy shifts and we soon find we have more of it and that things progress a bit smoother.

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