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The Dragon Boaters High

Dragon boat training builds physical strength, endurance and flexibility while keeping our minds sharp as we work on the technical components of the stroke mechanics.

When we first sit in a boat and feel the sheer strength and fortitude it takes to move an 1100lb vessel we feel the power and respect of what it takes to make this happen. And, if and when you hit that zone where the boat moves on top of the water while 20 people are paddling in unison it becomes magical. This phenomenon is called “boat glide”.

The aim of training is to get stronger in our abilities to deliver more power in each stroke we take to lift that 1100lb vessel out of the water and create the glide. We train the entire year with this intent. We build our race plans to execute this intent and we structure each training session to fulfill it. From the first few strokes we take that moves us into the body of the race, to the deliverance of our power strokes during the race to the final 50 meters called the finish we are looking to create a boat glide that’s faster than our opponents!


We don’t do it because we have to, we do it because we are chasing the feeling of blending in and being part of a group of people who work together to create this phenomenon.

So here is what dictates chasing this phenomenon:

  • It’s the obsession of boat glide
  • It’s the measurement we work for
  • It’s the plan of execution in which we race
  • It’s the finessing of each stroke we take that builds our race piece


Welcome to the sport of dragon boating!

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