The Law of Comparison

Healthy comparison is essential when discovering new ways to be. By looking at those who have the attributes, talent and successes we desire we can examine where we are on the path, where we have come to and what we may need to do to move forward.

When comparison is done for the purpose of self-evaluation it is a positive and reaffirming venture into opening up to the idea of possibilities. It also provides the opportunity to validate and feel confident as we continue on our journey to the outcome.

However, when we compare to scold ourselves or feel jealous we can diminish our opportunities for growth. To be jealous secures the belief we are not worthy and somehow others are. And to be angry for our lack of having what we want is to affirm we are not capable. Neither is a productive form of comparison.

Self-reflection is an honest and authentic observation of these brave souls who align with the vibration of their truest desires. Just by being in the vibration of what we want we can allow it to seep into our reality.

So when you find that person who has what you want, get close, get curious and celebrate the fact that you have come within the proximity of it. This validates it exists, it is real for them and it can happen for you!


Contrast provides the framework for aligning what we most want for ourselves.


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