The Law of Rhythm

Sometimes our biggest unbalances bring us the greatest gifts and can be all consuming and filled with a time where nothing else in our lives exists. But unbalances can also bring the energy of feeling fully engaged and alive. This is so evident when we think of falling in love!

The law of rhythm says that to everything there is a season. When we are in the middle of a demanding time such as the holiday season, we can find the idea of balance non-existent. The tendency is to strive to find that rhythm of balance and if we cannot, the idea makes us unsettled, nervous and even anxious.

Rather than be unsettled we can shift this perception by going with the flow of what is. It may mean that other things don’t get our attention but if we trust in the law we can relax knowing that they will be in the forefront once again.

Often times these intense states of unbalance whether it be in relationship, doing something we set out to do or just a busy time in the salon is essential to long term fulfillment and the achievement of goals, dreams and desires.

So rather than looking to always have a daily balance it can be helpful to see life as having its own rhythm in those places that may have been neglected or where we wished a new reality. Life may not always seem in complete balance but we are forever reminded that to every thing there is a season and to move gently with it rather push against it can bring welcome unbalance.

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