The Process of Self Empowerment

Being empowered is the ultimate state of embodying balanced power where we feel in control of the self while allowing the same for others.

You know when you are in the company of someone who has identified their own sense of personal power by their willingness to give over the need to boast about their own accomplishments and to genuinely praise and encourage yours.


An empowered person does not need to have power over any-thing, situation or person to give them power. They don’t give away their power and don’t expect others to give them their power. This matter of discerning where and how your power is being used is essential to achieve empowerment.

The concept of personal power confused me for many years and caused me chaos in my life and drama in my relationships till a wise mentor shared this statement:


The feeling of being empowered is when we have confidence and pride in our accomplishments without having to tell anyone about it.


I have used this statement to evaluate my interactions and choices. For example; if I am trying to gain power or, feeling powerless, I recognize that my personal power is enmeshed in a circumstance or situation, which I have no control over. Control becomes the tool to evaluate where you have power and where you don’t.


Self-empowerment is an eternal process that accompanies the ability to self reflect, accurately assess and diligently and authentically take the necessary steps to amend our circumstances. It is through this process that we build trust and confidence that we have what we need and the right to care for ourselves. We also understand, respect and accept that others deserve the same.

In this state we are free in each and every moment to decide which actions will create the life we choose thus becoming empowered.


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