The Soul of Success

The Soul is the vessel in which we govern what we do to foster meaning and purpose in our lives, where once found, we find true success. Without soul success life can be quite desolate.

I think the confusion in today’s world with our ever growing media attention, we think our purpose and meaning has to be grandiose where we have to make significant changes that attract public attention to be of value. This inflated definition can leave us feeling insignificant.

I found meaning by accident; as a result of my return to the salon after being absent on maternity leave.

When I returned I was bewildered to find my clients scheduled for weeks to see me when their hair looked great and in some cases, especially where foils were concerned, much to my egos dismay, it looked even better! (Foiling was never my strength.)

Their comments were that they missed my attention to detail and they just didn’t feel like the other stylists were that interested in them.


You see, I am a precision cutter.


My goal since first being introduced to Kathy Simon back in 1996, has been to understand how the shape of the skull determines how the hair lies on the head and my clients face shape, how the density of the hair affects the cuts I choose and my finishing techniques and how all components combined create the success of my cut. For me, it was a matter of the discipline of my craft; to my clients it “felt” like caring.

This was the recognition of my meaning. From that moment forward, rather than feel inadequate about my inability to foil hair, I focused on cutting. The energy shift was incredible for me, I stood taller, walked with pride and knew for sure that I was making a difference in peoples lives. But the clincher was when I recognized that my skill gave me the purpose I had been longing to find …TO BE OF VALUE IN THE WORLD.


Here are 3 suggestions I hope will connect you to find purpose and meaning in your craft:

  1. Pay attention and listen to what your clients say about their experience in your chair or for salon owners, what they love about the salon. If they don’t say it, ask what they love best.
  2. What is your brilliance, what do you LOVE to do? Is it finishing, foiling and coloring, finding interest in your clients with attentive listening, your cutting skills? Salon owners; what is your brand, what do you most care clients know your business for? Is it technical excellence, an amazing salon experience or is a friendly comfortable environment your goal?
  3. Watch for what lands in your lap. What kinds of clients do you naturally attract, what classes do you want to take just for the sheer pleasure, what do coworkers ask of you in terms of expertise?

Make lists and keep a journal of your answers to the above. Get curious to see if there is something you are unaware of that others recognize in you or maybe you get validation of what your soul has been longing to pursue.


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