Top 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Reach Your Goals

We all know the feeling of a fresh idea that gets us excited. We feel motivated and are eager to begin straight away. But soon we can let things slide if we don’t stay connected to the experience this process will deliver and the desired result.

Lets explore why some of our goals may not come into fruition.

Reason 1: They lack alignment to purpose and meaning. Goals that we stick with promise to provide us with a quality of life when they are achieved.

If you are struggling with a goal, ask yourself; how will I be living when this goal is achieved or, how will my reality be better than it is now. The answers to these questions are the RESULT of your goal.


Reason 2: They lack self-evolution. A good goal defines who you will become and we recognize we will not be the same person we were when we embarked on the journey.

Ask yourself what attributes or skills you will acquire once you have completed your goal. Often times self-evolution requires work and to remember what you will gain can help keep focus. This is your PROCESS and remembering there is one may be enough to keep you motivated.


Reason 3: Our goals lack inspiration. Our moral and value system validate what we know and believe to be true and direct us toward something we that has a cause for us, and or, others.

You know a goal is aligned with your value system when you think of how it once sparked your interest and feel energized once again. If you aren’t ask yourself why this doesn’t feel important to you. The why is what makes us stay in it for the long haul and this EXPERIENCE is the essence of our souls.

So, when choosing goals, examine them against the barometer of a quality life, an evolution of self and validating a belief or cause and you are sure to find the tenacity to complete them.


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