Transform Race Day Jitters To Power Performance

Your best thinking got you here. Lining up to the start line. Getting these results. Feeling like you do.

Doubt, denial and fear are the emotional energies that can arise when we are in situations where we are under pressure to perform, like team tryouts. 

Although it’s normal to feel these emotions they can actually block our trained potential ~ that work you have embodied within every training session!

Let’s take a look at each response and apply the integrated antidote of one’s pure energy intention:

DOUBT – You are as good as you trained. You won’t magically be better and you won’t be worse so you can be assured you will perform like you trained. The anxious energy of uncertainty or doubt can be transformed into excitement when we shift the mind to dial in to the opportunity to showcase your abilities that have been built over months of training. The energy of excitement is a forward momentum that and this excitement is created by changing the thoughts and in turn, your mental energy! 

DENIAL – Boosting your esteem with false confidence can actually make your energy flighty as you grasp for half truths or inflated ego. Affirmations and positive talk may not be grounded in facts and therefore are not available as tools that you can work with. Transform false generated optimism energy into factual performance from your training data. The data and measurements you take over a period of training serve you on race day. This reframe of facts is tied to the validation of the physical energy used in the process of developing your skills and abilities over the process of training.

FEAR – This energy is welcomed because it is aligned directly to your passion. You want this, that’s why you fear not getting it! Transforming the feeling of fear into passion to succeed is the energy of personal power. And that is pure life force energy. When we allow ourselves to feel that fear and let it permeate our desires we can generate a sense of aggressive power to fuel performance. Bottom line; you wouldn’t feel fear and its flip side, passion if this event was not connected to your heart desires. This is the energy of our soul and it is generated and fuelled by you. 

My name is Cheryl Roose. I am an energetic mindset trainer and I work with energy to help female paddlers power their performance. Just as us paddlers train our skills and develop our physical strengths we must also train the mind. When we can race with amped performance on race day we ignite our mental, emotional, physical and soul energy!

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