Using Energy Work In Sport

You can’t trick energy. You will generate and bring more of what’s going on in your inside world to your outside world. What you think determines how you feel and in turn is what you will experience. These are mindsets. The thoughts you bring to your training is the energy of your mind and that energy is used through your action. It is intensified by your feelings. The stronger you feel about something the stronger the thoughts and more exertion you put forth. This creates a personal vibe.

Not sold on this idea? Let me ask you this: Do you assess something or someone based on its “vibe”. We can’t pinpoint why we feel something but that doesn’t stop us from feeling it. It isn’t something you can hold but that does not negate it’s existence. We just “know” something without ever understanding how it exists.

So how does this relate to energy work in sport. Energy is consistently being used by you in every stroke you take. This energy comes from what you are thinking, how you are feeling and the effort you are taking. Your training energy is your training vibe.


Here a couple question to ask yourself:

  • So what’s your vibe saying to those around you?
  • Are you open minded with your coaches?
  • Are you enjoying learning and mastering your skill?
  • Do you enthusiastically embrace change?
  • Are you taking your setbacks as opportunities to learn?


The goal is to create the vibe we want to take in our training that ultimately moves us towards improvement and goal attainment. We do this by consciously choosing our thoughts, feelings and attitude and apply this through effort. This is what we call energy programming and this is energy work in sport. We use a tool called visual programming to communicate our inner intentions to the outside world…through paddling!

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