Video Submission Process

Welcome! Please bookmark this page so you can come back to it whenever you need to! 


  1. Choose a device with good visual recording
  2. Use landscape view to provide a visual of the whole OC1
  3.  Record from, front, back and side
  4. Each viewpoint (front, back and side) to be no more than 15″
  5. If using a GoPro attached to the ama, choose the “Activity” setting too video 
  6. Upload your videos to google drive or dropbox and email the link to: [email protected]
  7. Make the subject line of your email :VIDEO REVIEW
  8. Mark your email as PRIORITY or flag it to ensure delivery!
Once I have received your video I will email you back within 48 hours with some available meeting times and a zoom link. If a live conversation is not an option I will provide feedback with voice recording. I will also provide screenshots giving feedback prior to our meeting.
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