What Makes An Athlete Elite?

Did you know: there’s nothing about an elite athlete’s ability that isn’t attainable by you!

Did you know: that putting in the work builds confidence in being able to perform at your best?

Did you know: confidence is not innate, it’s a built state of mind that requires practice just like building muscle.

Did you know: getting better at your skill is only a matter of practicing, consistently, within a time frame.

Did you know: you will only feel motivated when you can wrap your head around the WHY you want to succeed. That’s the feeling that inspires you, drives you and gives your life a purpose.


I am here to debunk a belief that says you’re not good enough to be an elite paddler. It’s simply not true. At all. Genetics don’t make athletes superior, although some moving parts are required.

The only difference between you and elite athletes is their mindset. Elite athletes do what’s asked of them. Without excuse. Without fail. They trust their coaches to shape and mould them into the person that sits on the boat on race day.

Brendan Burchard talks about this in his book: High Performance Habits. He mentions the FACT that high achievers are exposed to training, mentors, coaches and role models. These individuals take every opportunity to improve. They put in the time, give of their energy and invest in themselves and their training.

So the elite aren’t born that way. They aren’t special and they aren’t uniquely destined to succeed at their sport. They’ve just wrapped their head around what it takes to achieve what they want and made the commitment to do what it takes to make it happen!

Don’t be eluded, you have what it takes. You can choose the athlete you want to be.

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