Top 3 Reasons Why Athletes Don’t Reach Goals

In this article I share the top 3 reasons why athletes don’t reach goals. We all know the feeling of a new goal that gets us excited. We feel motivated and are eager to begin straight away.

But soon we can let things slide if we don’t stay connected to the experience of going through the process that will lead to our goal and get the desired result.

In this article I share the top 3 reasons why athletes don’t reach goals.

Lets explore why our goals may NOT come into fruition.

Why athletes don’t reach goals reason #1:

The goal may lack alignment to our purpose and meaning. Goals that we stick with promise to provide us with a quality of life when they are achieved.

Quality of life for athletes can be as a simple as what the accomplishment can bring in way of success, validation, achievement or recognition in our sport.

If you are an athlete who is struggling with a goal, ask yourself; how will I be living when this goal is achieved or, how will my reality be better than it is now, or, how will this goal help define how I feel about myself and my sport.

The answers to these questions are the RESULT of your goal.

Why athletes don’t reach goals reason #2:

They lack self-evolution. A good goal defines who you will become. We recognize we will not be the same athlete we were when we embarked on the journey but what does that mean in terms of skills and abilities?

We will have advanced in skill as well as the attributes cultivated from taking on a pursuit that stretches us!

Ask yourself what attributes or skills you will acquire once you have completed your goal. Often times self-evolution requires work and remembering what you will gain can help maintain our focus. This is your PROCESS.

Sometimes just a quick reminder that there is a process of development may be enough to keep you motivated. Growth can be messy but process promises movement, especially when we find the pursuit challenging!

Why athletes don’t reach goals reason #3:

Our goals lack inspiration. Our moral and value system validates what we know and believe to be true and directs us toward something we that has a cause for us, and or, others.

Our cause can be self improvement, it can be a recovery or healing or the embarking of a new chapter.

Our cause is a self motivator and usually the reason we set out to achieve the goal that has a deeper and more profound meaning.

You know a goal is aligned with your value system when you think of how it once sparked your interest and feel energized once again. If you aren’t ask yourself why this doesn’t feel important to you.

The why is what makes us stay in it for the long haul and this EXPERIENCE is the intrinsic motivation that feeds our soul.

So, when choosing goals:

  • Examine them against the barometer of a quality life, an evolution of self and validating a belief or cause.
  • When we feel depleted or are tiring on our pursuit it’s important to stay connected to the process.
  • Remembering that intrinsic motivation is not something that someone can give you but rather it is an internal process of self development.
  • Finding motivation comes from being driven towards the goals that bring meaning, value, purpose and evolution to our selves and our skill sets

This will help move us forward.


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