The Winds Of Change – Exercise

The power of the wind is forceful, natural and essential to the rhythm of nature.

It is pure life force energy and its varied intensities bring forth different results. Much like our own lives the wind can be gentle and soft, steady and calm or forceful and intense. These different forces bring about unique intensities of change.

For today I would like to talk about the wicked, whipping wind that hits us, pushes us and causes us to brace against it. This type of wind has a power to shake and rattle and move things about and in this sense we can harness this power to do the same with us.


Next time you find yourself in a strong and intense wind try this exercise:

  • Stand towards the wind, extend your arms and open your hands. Widen your stance and lift your head to face the wind straight on. Let it whip your hair and flutter your clothes. Stand firm and strong without tension in an open and receptive mindset and state of being allowing it to move in you and pass through you.
  • As you are in this stance think about the cells in your body coming alive and shaking loose any thing, situation, emotion or person that brings feelings of anxiety, fear, stress or general tension in your body. Don’t analyze or think intently, just feel this whirling move out of your body carrying away the unease. At the same time feel the power of the wind continuing to enter every cell of your body with a new energy and start to embody this. Welcome it, this is the essence of life force energy. Breathe deeply from the base of your belly and release your breath with force a few times.
  • Before moving close your hands gently and softly stamp your feet on the ground. Give yourself a little shake and see yourself united with this connection to nature. As you move allow this force to work within you as your cells are awakened. See the top of your head and bottom of your feet capping this power within for you to use for the good of mankind where harm comes to no one and we are all free to express our natural essence. Just like the wind.

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