3 Habits Successful People DON’T have

The following is applied research by yours truly. During the process of training to be a national athlete and represent Canada in the 2015 IDBF World competitions, I soon became aware of the ways in which I stopped my success. They weren’t the only ways self sabotage crept in but they were my top 3. See if they are yours as well.

1. Don’t say no. To move towards a habit of success it is good to say yes to those things related to the goal, however small or insignificant. Often times the so-called “luck” successful people have stem from opportunities others have missed. Saying yes can lead you in the direction to open doors that were once closed. It is wise to be available for those options. Saying yes does require more effort and time but to all good things that happen, time and effort are a part of the equation. Save your “no” answers to things that divert attention.

2. Don’t make excuses. Success habits are a responsible power stance where we feel we have control over the direction we are taking and feel capable of taking the necessary steps. When we make excuses it sends the message to our inner self that we are failing in advance. That energy is not what helps us move forward. Instead if we respond to situations and circumstances with a simple yes or no we send the message to ourselves that we have the power to choose rather than accepting a choice that is inflicted upon us.

3. Don’t blame others. When we blame another we put them in control and they have our power. Although circumstances do arise that is a result of another’s action, it is important to identify how you contributed or if you have not, how you can disengage. It is not always easy to see where we have contributed especially if it was by a non-participation such as no response or non action. If we choose not to interact we are making a choice where we give someone else the right to choose. Any situation where the outcome has an affect on you and you do not choose to say anything, you have contributed the message that whatever someone else chooses is fine with you. You then had a responsibility in that outcome.

To be successful is a rigorous honesty with self and the discipline to always put yourself in a position of self empowerment. The vibration of your success is being dictated by the ways we think and behave. Choose to always put yourself in the position of power with self.

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