Your Best Thinking Got You Here

The first time I heard this statement was in the movie “28 Days” with Sandra Bullock. She was an alcoholic who went into treatment and in recovery she was told that her best thinking got here.


That statement was completely life changing for me as I applied this concept to my own life and questioned what I was thinking. I soon found that I had the ability to change my situation by changing my thought process.


What I learned from practicing this concept was that the sum of our thoughts creates our reality.

Choosing allows us the ability think, act and behave in constructive ways. It is when we allow our thoughts to be led by what they referred to in the movie as “stinking thinking” is when good intending people end up in situations they don’t like.

  • Once we have awareness of our thoughts we then have power to direct them. This is the first step where recognition of not having control over how we got where we are has left us feeling powerless over changing it. For many, this is very eye opening if they have been struggling to no avail.
  • The second step is to adopt an attitude of willingness. This can actually be very difficult when we have invested a lot of energy into a beliefs system, attitude or behavior that we cherish. To become willing to see and do things differently is releasing what we do know to what we don’t and for some of us this is terrifying. Yet, to know better means we can do better.
  • The next step of this process is to make a decision to choose something different. It is the energy of decisiveness that we move, get unstuck and are free to move out of our current reality. It is in this energy that we are able to then have the power to choose the thoughts that align to our future reality.

This concept is particularity helpful as we toward a goal. The awareness, willingness and decisive action can be beneficial to get us back on track or when striving to achieve a new level of success.


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