You Race Like You Train – Race Prep

Thoughts are energy. Thoughts create. How? By the judgment you give them. This is your perception. Your perception creates your “personal energy”. Heres how a perception can shift energy in sport.

You race like you train. Period. The random thoughts that pop up during training are the same ones that flutter in your mind in a race.

Thinking about how tired you are, how your back hurts or how the person behind you keeps hitting your paddle are just thoughts. These thoughts are how you see the current situation, your perception of it. Its what you put out there. It’s where you spend the currency of your personal energy.

In the meantime, you’ve lost 3 strokes, slipped your hand on the paddle and now your pissed. That’s a perception amped with energy.

But what if you when the thought of your sore back came you simply shifted your body to be in proper form. What if rather than think about the person behind you hitting your paddle you simply moved forward to find your catch? And what if instead of feeling tired you just took 3 cleansing breaths?

Sounds simple. Right? It’s part of mindset training. Use your practices to train your mind to see a thought and watch it leave. This  creates space in the mind for new thoughts to enter. This non engagement allows your mind to focus on the things you control such as: your catch, how your body is aligned, if your lats are engaged. This is choosing to focus rather than perceive. Focus requires that we choose thoughts. Carefully. With consideration. Because thoughts are energy. And we need our energy to train. To race! To achieve our goals.

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