Energetic Mindset Training For Women Motivated To Excel In Sport


Energy is a tangible resource we use on a daily basis through our actions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Understanding how each of our “outlets” creates alignment is critical to increasing physical performance. Energy work in sport is using a scientific method of HOW to use our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical capacities to reach our full potential. Discover the power of consciously creating patterns of thinking, being and doing that take you to the top of your game.

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Here are a few of my fave articles that will transform limiting behaviors, attitudes and mindsets. Once we define, name and own our limitations we gain the insight to shift them into our greatest strengths that propels us to new levels of performance in sport. I am so excited you are here, please browse my blog till you find what you need to succeed!

5 Things That Break An Athlete Confidence

To build confidence requires we eliminate unnecessary thoughts and instead choose those that use our energy in constructive ways.
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High Performance Mental Programming

Visualization is a combination of connecting a clear and concise pathway between our consciousness, biochemistry
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7 Ways Mentally Strong Handle Stress

Whether they’re dealing with health problems, or setbacks mentally strong people don’t let stress drag them down.
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I have put together a few tangible things you can take away from this website and put to practical use. My goal is to provide all the resources I can so please take a peek at these 3 options! I hope you find the webinar that gives you “The 4 Keys To Achieve Goals In Sport” to be a great value and you get the results you want! Thank you for tuning in, enjoy the wonderful visualization strategy that aligns you to your desired outcome and don’t forget to download your FREE exercise to thrive entitled: From Striving to Thriving in 5 Steps! Use this exercise whenever you need to feel rejuvenated.


This quick exercise brings your energy back in balance by considering what you’ve been thinking and feeling. Give it a try!
Visualization aligns your energy systems producing images that make you feel good. And the good news is, it becomes your vibe! Enjoy!
This 26 minute webinar gives you tools to shift your mindset and focus your attention on 4 ingredients that help you achieve your goals!


What makes this energy mindset training unique is the ability to build thinking patterns that solidify in our minds through neuro pathways in the brain. The pathways elicit chemical responses in the body when fired which creates this “feel good vibe”. This method of energy work in sport uses these feel good vibes to increase our energy so we can train and perform at the top of our game. It’s exciting and it is how 21st century athletes use these practices once seen as mystic to align with high levels of success! These short videos provide some insight into the workings of how energy alignment methods are used to overcome challenges, remove blocks, increase performance and become a high achiever!


Whiner Or Winner Mindset?

In this video Cheryl shares how a shift in perception brings different results.

2 minutes

It's Not My Fault

Here you will learn a form of self sabotage that block our good intentions and efforts.

2 minutes

I Don't Know What To Do

Mindset strategy to shift the energy of indecision to the power of choice.

2 minutes

When We Put Ourselves Last

The nature to nurture is a matter of balancing masculine and feminine energy, find out how it works.

2 minutes


Hear from some clients that have worked with Cheryl

I highly recommend Cheryl Roose's Dragon Boat, SUP, Kayak & Outrigger Fitness Program! The instructors in all disciplines were experts in their field, providing progressive programs with clear instructions. I was able to do these workouts easily in my home with minimal equipment. The program was perfect for my needs as it provided cardio, interval training, weight training, pilates, yoga, holistic physio plus mental training and nutritional guidance geared to the competitive athlete. This program definitely exceeded my expectations, especially the interval training which has become a favourite!

- Leanne Wagner-Flemming, Athlete

Cheryl’s presentation helped me understand some of my strengths and put them in an organized way to help me understand myself better. Cheryl gave examples in her own life that were very genuine and ‘real’ with a human element. Cheryl shared how ‘aggression’ is a form of healthy passion used to attain goals which made perfect sense.

- Lynda McHenry, Dragon Boat Racer

The message in Cheryl’s presentation was very powerful, gave me a better perspective and definitely inspired me. Cheryl is an excellent speaker/presenter. She was authentic and her experiences made the information “real”. I would absolutely recommend Cheryl for any organization!

- Rashida Hamir RRT, CRE



Cheryl has the ability to inspire and motivate your team to make the changes necessary to move forward.

– Harriet Nelson, Athlete