Tips To Ignite Motivation

Are you feeling unmotivated and looking to get motivated? Start with your thoughts.

Catch yourself when feeling lazy, tired, sad, depressed and see what triggered those moods.

Not to say I don’t favor a good pity party with all my comfortable poor me friends but I try not to stay too late!

Yes, thoughts trigger moods. Those riding theme stories you tell yourself over and over such as: I’m just not motivated, I can’t get motivated, I wish I was motivated, I can’t seem to get motivated.

  • They are automatic responses.
  • Unless we interject.
  • All we have to do is STOP. See the thought from an observed standpoint. Ask ourselves if it’s even true or worthy of our attention.
  • That’s it. That’s the first step in mindset training.
  • It’s these unconscious conclusions that create our mood.

By interjecting and reflecting we can give discernment before deciding about how motivated we actually are. Maybe it’s just an undetected way of thinking that got you here.

Your choice. Your mindset. Your party!


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