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Tricking The Mind To Train

So what to do when we have fallen off the training wagon? Although there’s no magic pill, what works for me is a little mind game I play with myself. Remember that mind games are also a form of mindset training as they work to create a new habit or overcome an inner block.

I start with promising myself a short cardio workout of 15 minutes, I then add 2 minutes as I reach the 15, then another 3 to make 20 minutes and continue until I reach 30 minutes. I choose 20 minutes as this is my “absolute minimum”, 30 minutes my target and 45 minutes my goal. (*Please note that 30 and 45 minutes are specific targets in the paddle training programs I offer that incorporate heart zones that relate to race distances. They are trained in progression with intent of peaking within a target time.)

I play this mind tricking game with the different disciplines promising myself a 1 set minimum. Some days I may not get past 1 set and other days I do the full routine. 

It is never too late to start back with you base fitness training. Stay tuned as I share some tricks and tips over the next few weeks. I will also share my Fave 5 Movement Patterns to keep you feeling the paddling patterns in your body.

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